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Help The Daily Wage Labourers

Survive The Second Wave Of COVID-19

This second wave has already been proven to be more dangerous than the first, and with several states imposing curfews, the daily wagers once again face uncertainty. Many of these essential workers include farmers, construction workers, street vendors, masons, painters, vendors and more. This large segment of the unorganized sector does not have the necessary resources to survive another wave of this pandemic. They rely on their daily wages to put food on the table and have already suffered great losses in the last year.


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we are doing the best we can to fight the corona infection spread across the country of India.But this effort is completely incomplete without help and I request to you to help us by donatiing so that we can go to more and more villages and slum areas and provide people with the things they need

provide grocery kits to these families

The street vendors struggle to sell whatever they have. Women employed in household activities were instructed not to come. They are shut in their own homes with little or no food at all. While there have been efforts to provide ration and food supplies to the marginalized communities, India’s current economic situation, population, and distribution of resources make it a struggle.

About Us

The Helping Hand Support, founded in 2017, is an organization that helps the poor hunger and the underprivileged. Helping hand support started with dream of food for every stomach & the organization has been helping the poor for the last 3 years feeding the poor peoples and daily wage workers.