About Us

About Us

Helping Hands -Support is An Initiative by Prasann Uppal (Robin) to bring Happiness and Difference in the Lives of Under Privileged.

You can become a part of our efforts and their Happiness by donating to Registered Helping Hands -Support ( NON PROFIT )

Through this Cause we help Under Privileged kids / Adults / Blind home Schools / Old age homes / Orphanage / Needy People for medical treatment.


The Helping Hand Support, founded in 2017, is an organization that helps the poor hunger and the underprivileged. Helping hand support started with the dream of food for every stomach & the organization has been helping the poor for the last 3 years feeding the poor peoples and daily wage workers.

We are very passionate about Social Welfare and the betterment of our society. Creating an NGO to work in the field of Education, Rural development, technological development, Women empowerment, and child welfare, Social welfare is just the start of her journey towards her dream of making our country better by creating a better life for Underprivileged people.