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We are very passionate about Social Welfare and the betterment of our society. Creating an NGO to work in the field of Education, Rural development, technological development, Women empowerment, and child welfare, Social welfare is just the start of her journey towards her dream of making our country better by creating a better life for Underprivileged people.

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On average, directly or indirectly, 1 person dies per second due to hunger – 4000 people per hour – 100 000 people per day – 36 million people per year – and 58 percent of all deaths (2001–2004 estimates According) is due to this.

The war against hunger is the biggest challenge in India, which is sending its ship to Mars. The level of malnutrition and mortality in children is very worrying, let us support in this mission to eliminate hunger.

Who is it for?

The Helping Hand Support, founded in 2017, is an organization that helps the poor hunger and the underprivileged. Helping hand support started with dream of food for every stomach & the organization has been helping the poor for the last 3 years feeding the poor peoples and daily wage workers.

Our Progress

We are dedicated to improving lives and building a future for poor children. we progressing since we started working in 2017.

Where we are

In Bilaspur, the poor and the people sleeping on the road are working every day to earn their wages, people who are hungry, whoever they are, we are always ready to help them, we have been serving here for 3 years.

Working hours

There is no time for us to do our work, as a human being, we want to eradicate the hunger of the poor.

We are here

Helping Hand Support,
Nehru Nagar Bilaspur (C.g.) India
Phone: +91 98930 49605
Email: [email protected]